Alena & Jordan

April 2, 2022 • Key West, FL

Alena & Jordan

April 2, 2022 • Key West, FL

Questions? Look Here!

Where is the wedding & how do I get there?

Southernmost Beach Resort on Saturday, April 2nd! You can either take an Uber, walk, bike ride, or drive your car to the event space! The ceremony will take place on the private beach, please follow the signs!

Is there a dress code?

It's going to be hot so think "Dressy Resort Casual". Think if you're going out to a nice dinner while you're on a resort. White linen button down & khaki pants for men, nice dress for women! Don't get too fancy but don't also show up in a bathing suit & shorts. I know we're on an island but look a little nice. Remember, we will be on a beach so keep that in mind when planning shoes to wear!

Can I bring a plus one?

If you're invitation does not say plus one or guest then no, you cannot bring a plus one. This is a small wedding, with only our closest friends & family.

What about my kids?

Nope, this is a kid-free wedding. Kids can change the vibe, so please, enjoy your alone time without your little ones.

What if I can only come for the wedding? What if I can't come?

That's fine! We want this to be a vacation for our guests but if you can only come for one part, that works! Stay for however long or short you want, it's up to you. If you can't make it, we totally understand, it's a destination so we get it if people can't make the journey. Just RSVP no please!

Where should I stay?

See "Travel" tab. You can choose to stay at a hotel, AirBnB or a house. Feel free to rent a house or bnb with friends & family to save money & to pretend like you're in college again! All of the information is under the tab! There are also some cheaper hotels & motels under the "Travel" tab as well. Renting a house or staying on Stock Island are most likely the least expensive options!

How do I get to Key West?

Good question! You can either fly into the Ft. Lauderdale or Miami airport & take a shuttle or rent a car. Shuttle services are listed under the "Travel" tab. The drive is three hours & beautiful to get to Key West. Or you can fly directly into Key West. The airport is small so there will most likely not be any nonstop flights.

How do I get around the island?

Key West is only four miles long & about two miles wide so you can truly walk anywhere; however, if you prefer to get to your destination faster, bike rentals, scooters & golf carts are available. See the "Travel" tab to book your rentals. Key West does have cabs & Uber as well.

Do we have to hang out with everyone the entire time?

Nope, if you'd like to spend time with your friends or family, feel free, but this is your vacation! Spend it how you like. We are always up for hanging out with our guests but do not feel obligated. We have been here & done most, if not all, touristy things so please, enjoy yourselves how you want & do not worry about hanging with us or any others unless you want to, except at the wedding!

How long should I vacation?

So, you can stay for however long or short you want! We will be staying from Wednesday to Wednesday, in case you wanted to hang with us after the wedding. Remember, our wedding is on a Saturday so if you want to avoid being hungover on a plane Sunday, then you may want to leave a day or two later.

What should I do in Key West?

See "Things to Do" tab & "Places to Eat". It's your vacation, spend it how you want. Try new things & new foods, live life on the edge!